Bitato will revolutionize the information flow process in the bio, financial and logistics business sectors through the blockchain technology.

Bitato has a vision to build an ecosystem that can coexist among business players based on blockchain technology.

One Stop Service

Aim for a fast and rapid business ecosystem that eliminates unnecessary procedures.


Working on a project based on our extensive technical experience.


A specialist group of blockchain experts and global financial experts.


Elijah group brings a moment of surprise and wonder to your business.

Deliver inspiring services with original and progressive technologies.

  • Securing rich experienced 3rd generation blockchain workforce through 1st and 2nd generations
  • Composition of differentiated Blockchain ecosystem through creative planning
  • Team building for different business environments

Specialists in the financial and blockchain sectors with years of experience

  • Have specialized technical teams with diverse Blockchain project experience
  • Composition of specialized staff skilled in global environmental tasks
  • Conducting competitive projects through networks with the nation’s top suppliers

One-stop solution

Manpower + knowhow + System + network


  • Blockchain Specialist with Experts
  • Various and rich project experiences that have resulted in customer satisfaction
  • Thorough, granular business processes for successful output
  • Competitive marketing through global networks and promotion

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